The ‘SEO’ Misnomer and Core Requirements | Part One

SEO Generalizations

It goes without saying, the life blood of any business is sales. To most digital marketers, SEO (search engine optimization) is one key driver to how quickly a business can be found, a question answered and a sale made.

But the term ‘SEO’ is a largely misunderstood one, often it’s referred to as a broad generalization of steps and tools that lead to a common request, ‘how does my business get to page one for X keyword(s)?’what-is-seo-e1366891759876

This oversimplification of what ‘SEO’ actually is, leads many businesses and inexperienced marketers down a rabbit hole of unrealistic expectations, wasted resources and most importantly, time.

The Long Haul and PPC

Organically reaching page one for a given keyword (or phrase) on Google is a lofty goal – so is it worth the effort and resources? Additionally, do you have the will (and budget) to rank for multiple keywords over the long haul?

If you’re looking for faster results, then I recommend PPC (pay-per-click) which we will cover in a future discussion.

While we’re on the topic, I will add that organic search results consistently have a higher CTR in comparison to paid advertising. However, I believe it is worth the investment to support your long-term SEO efforts with PPC ‘training wheels’  while you implement a long-term strategy.

Tools vs. Strategy

So what does said strategy look like? There are enumerable resources online that will guide you, most are tied to helpful software and turn-key services -for a price. Furthermore, any competent office manager can review dashboards and recommend day to day adjustments, but you’ll need more then just data and course corrections.

In my follow up, I’ll sight a recent case study that touches on core items to address, and how my team was able to overcome multiple hurdles to deliver a SEO optimized website.

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