IMC_di Marketing Director Opportunity

This webpage was created as a follow-up to our discussion which includes additional thoughts and assets for your consideration.

Based on my conversations with Pharos/IMC_di team members, I am certain my marketing acumen will serve: awareness, perception, preference and purchase within the Global B2B digital market place, coupled to physical showrooms.

UX Design, Content and Conversion Funnels for SaaS

Below are thumbnail links to a few select SaaS websites/projects I have led and collaborated on over the past five+ years. Please note, some functionality and aesthetics may have been updated since my involvement.

Mueller_WEBMueller Systems/Sentryx

From 2017 into 2019 the MWP family of multi-lingual websites, fifteen brands in total, were the responsibility of my team. More specifically, I worked with internal resources and outside agencies to co-implement ‘Metro H2o’ and The Sentryx Water Intelligence platform.


In 2016 I collaborated with SpendHQ, a full-service SaaS spend visibility solution on the transition of their website and digital marketing. The goal was straightforward, migrate from a static to dynamic and engaging experience while generating in-bound leads. This process involved tight synchronization with: the product devs, UX designer, photographer and videographer while reporting directly to the VP of Sales and Marketing.


A new challenge for my consultancy has been to assist a member association SaaS,ENGAG_ex diagnosis so far:  revitalize the website, while establishing stronger brand position in a crowded field. Their established solution, Capital Impact is well known for legislative tracking, however Engagifii offers a full suite of tools, which we will position as a ‘must-have’ for existing customers and fresh prospects.