Stonebranch Opportunity

Scott, thank you again for the opportunity to meet in person Friday the 17th.

This webpage was created as a follow up to our discussion which includes not only your requested items, but additional assets for your consideration.

Based on my knowledge of Stonebranch, and your objectives I am certain my marketing acumen will serve: awareness, perception, preference and purchase within the Dynamic IT Automation space.

Additionally, as your Senior Digital Marketing Manager I will provide support that helps deliver wins and shows department R.O.I., keeping you above the fray to focus on strategic initiatives with leadership.

UX Design, Website Builds and Content

Below are thumbnail links to a few select website builds and improvement projects I have led and collaborated on for the past five years. Please note, some functionality and aesthetics may have been updated since my involvement.

Mueller_WEBMueller Water Products

From 2017 into 2019 the MWP family of multi-lingual websites, fifteen brands in total, were the responsibility of my team. I worked with internal resources and outside agencies to implement the ‘Mueller One’ rebrand, improve UX and increase conversions.



In 2016 I collaborated with SpendHQ, a full-service SaaS spend visibility solution on the transition of their website experience. The goal was straightforward, migrate from a static to dynamic and engaging experience. This process involved tight synchronization with an outside developer, UX designer, photographer and videographer while reporting directly to the VP of Sales and Marketing.



Across 2016 and 2017 I was tasked with providing a local skid system manufacturer with a comprehensive strategic and tactical marketing plan, the website and corresponding content being key to their success in gaining online traction. I personally handled the majority of graphic, video and written content.

UX and Content Inspiration 

3examplesI chose these examples based on three criteria: overall user experience, clear call-to-action and resources available, not just the sales pitch.

Mission Control

Creative Circle 

SharpSpring (Resources)

Additional Considerations

While I am happy to show some of my website-centric work, the majority of my time over the past decade has been spent on 360˚ digital solutions, within the ‘T-Shaped‘ marketer philosophySM_wheel.

Ultimately the usefulness of a website goes beyond just UX and tidy code under the hood, search engines must see value in your content to garner position, this has been my greatest area of focus – what happens after launch?

Furthermore, a digital campaign is an empty vessel if the content needs of your prospects are not met. This key pillar is where many well-intended marketers fall short, relying too heavily on paid placements and uninspired landing pages.

This is what I believe separates myself from the pack. I have the skills, creativity and experience to leverage industry standard tools, while identifying the content fuel that websites and campaigns need to convert prospects to customers. 

Downloadable Resources

Please send an email request for the following as a ZIP file:

  • PowerPoint Presentation  
  • Whiteboard Examples
  • Campaign Metric Examples 
  • Additional Resources via URL

Project Management, MarTech Architecture and Campaign Diagram examples are available if needed.

Thank you, looking forward to our next follow up!