The T-Shaped Marketer and CRM

’T-Shaped Marketer’ was coined by David Guest in the early 1990s as being a generalist, but one who also has two, or more areas of expertise. You can learn more about my thoughts on the generalist philosophy here. As I made the transition from print/web creative to digital marketer in the late 2000s, my goal […]

Meaningful, Timely and Targeted

A full decade into Digital Marketing as an accepted discipline with universally sound techniques, I still see companies large and small pushing ’content’ that does not truly resonate, nurture and build brand trust. We all know that top-of-funnel outreach must speak broadly about products and features when prospect data is thin. We also know that […]

Where Have I Been?

Not that anyone is paying attention to this humble blog, but the lack of content is for good reason. I recently celebrated my six month anniversary with Mueller Water Products a billion dollar, multi-national water infrastructure company based in Atlanta, GA. As Digital Marketing Manager, my strategic/tactical responsibilities cover;  co-management/SEO optimization of multiple web properties, social […]

Marketing DIY | The FAST Foundational Five

Many new marketers fall into the trap of thinking that since they do not have a lot of experience, they can’t start up a modest outreach effort. With all the available tools and resources available (and advice blogs like this one) on the web, that doesn’t have to be the case! You, yes YOU can […]

Small Technology | Big Results

Short, impactful videos are my favorite kind of content. B2B oriented ‘need-to-know’ information that drives engagement online also has immediate usefulness as a sales tool via landing pages and emailed links. Most importantly, a steady cadence of YouTube channel content develops long-term seeding for organic growth, more on this later. For industrial filming I utilize […]

2 Minute Vlog | What Goes Into Design

It’s been an exciting few months, new clients and opportunities have kept me away from this blog, however I recently completed a project that I felt was share-worthy. With my strong focus on providing Digital Marketing Solutions, I rarely get the chance to handle design work anymore. When I do, the ‘fun’ part of building […]

The General’ist | A Retrospective

In the spirit of full-transparency and in keeping with the tenets of this blog, I would like to share a recent experience that most would consider a setback, the loss of a potential client. With 15 years of experience on display within this website, coupled with 6+ years focused solely in the ever-evolving digital marketing […]

The Digital Marketing Wheel

Long-term success still hinges the on validation and reputation of your product/service via PR wins like testimonials and reviews. However, if those resources do not yet exist for search engines to crawl and prospects to discover -what is your play? Address The Core Visualize a wagon wheel. The center hub is your well-built and crawled […]

Predictive Analytics | An Overview

It has happened to all of us: a perfectly timed ad, email or recommendation that captures your attention. Typically, that kind of outreach leads to you to open multiple browser tabs and begin comparisons of features and pricing, resulting in a purchase, not to mention unintended items in your cart. Marketing has done it’s job […]

In-Bound Stalls | 5 Recommendations

Earlier this year, I consulted with an internal marketing team that wasn’t seeing the desired results from a year long, in-bound engagement effort. At first glance, they had a competent strategy and appeared to be ‘by-the-book’ in regards to accepted methodologies for email, landing pages, paid social and re-targeting. Yet despite that effort, engagement numbers […]