Small Technology | Big Results

Short, impactful videos are my favorite kind of content.

B2B oriented ‘need-to-know’ information that drives engagement online also has immediate usefulness as a sales tool via landing pages and emailed links. Most importantly, a steady cadence of YouTube channel content develops long-term seeding for organic growth, more on this later.

For industrial filming I utilize an iPhone 7p (4K) seated on a Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod and clip-on Audio-Technica ATR3350iS Microphone. Graphics are handled in Adobe Photoshop with footage edited in Adobe Premier.

Why go small? I found that breaking out a multi-camera DSLR setup with lighting is a guaranteed way to get a stiff performance (and get in the way). I have to work quickly on a shop floor, manufacturing facilities can’t typically stop production for shot/lighting setups.

Note: If you watched a decent sample size of DIY B2B videos online, most have marginal production but impressive views, why is this? Simple, they get a few key things right; hard facts, specs and clear footage of a solution/product.

Bokeh effect, additional camera angles, slick animated graphics are nice, but unnecessary.

The target audience is made of up decision makers who at some point worked on the shop floor, they typically want a meat and potatoes delivery that answers the question, ‘how does this solution apply to my business?’

For more insight on getting great results, see my earlier post on video marketing tips.

Check out my example below. The follow up will include efforts to blend organic and paid outreach via; social, co-op and syndication for this video.

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